Corrugated Sheet

23x23 Round Sheet

PKR 30.30

79x9 Flat Sheet

PKR 29.26

Corrugated Sheets adds an extra layer of protection

For those of you, who are a bit confused about corrugated sheets, allow us to give you a brief description. Corrugated sheet packaging uses a fluted corrugated sheet pasted between two flat linerboards. In short, corrugated packaging provides three layers of protection and hence, helps keep fragile objects safe.


Corrugated Cartons are a must-have!

Whether you are moving or just want to store a few things, corrugated cartons are your go-to option. As corrugated packaging provides three layers of protection, it will keep your belongings completely safe, but another benefit of these cartons is that due to their thicker layers, corrugated cartons are a lot less likely to tear or lose their shape.

RoshPack has been providing its clients corrugated cartons for a really long time and over the year, our R&D experts have helped us make these cartons better than ever. And, with our huge production line, we can complete huge consignments of corrugated carton without any delays or faults.


Moving without corrugated Packaging? Say goodbye to your fragile belongings!

Whether you are relocating your family to a new house or trying to relocate your business to a new office, there are bound to be countless fragile items that will have to be packed and moved.

The thing about relocating is that no matter how great a relocation company you hire, there are bound to be a few mishaps and accidents. The question is, do you really want to trust some guy working for the relocation company with your fragile (ad possibly, quite expensive) belongings?

Truth be told, moving without packing your belongings using corrugated sheets may very well be the end of some of your fragile belongings. So, stop worrying and avail RoshPack’s corrugated sheets today.