Pizza Box Medium (White NFG)

Pizza Box Medium (White NFG)

PKR 18.50
Inclusive of Tax
  • 250 or more at PKR 18.00
  • 1000 or more at PKR 17.64
  • 3000 or more at PKR 17.46
  • 5000 or more at PKR 17.10
Product Code: 900005306
Weight 0.000 kg
Stock 4900

Size: 11 x 11 x 1.5"

·         Our Economical priced pizza boxes with non food graded quality help you lower operating costs

·         Pizza Box Medium (White Non Food Grade) assemble easily without needing tape or stapling

·         Our heavy duty B-Flute construction can handle a heavy pizza piled with multiple toppings.

·         Make your pizza box do more than just deliver pizza, make it also delivers your brand. Add pizzazz to your pizza box with custom printing.

·         Shipped flat for easy storage

Disclaimer: Delivery Cost will be charged according to Volumetric Weight while exact weight of product may Vary slightly

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