Food Packaging

Food Box Brown

PKR 15.00

Food Box White

PKR 18.00

Burger Box Brown

PKR 8.50

Burger Box White

PKR 9.50

Spice Box 14x12x11

PKR 54.00

Food Box Packaging

PKR 46.00

Spice Box 14x19x12

PKR 63.60

Spice Box 18x10x15

PKR 72.00

Egg Carton 12x12x12

PKR 75.00

RoshPack provides complete solution all kind of food corrugated Packaging. RoshPack also provide custom and generic printed food packing boxes.

This low cost variant has a generic design printed on it and is suitable to be used by any brand

  • Assemble easily without needing tape or stapling.
  • RoshPack is best food Packaging and customized food Packaging manufacturer