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17x22x35 Spare Parts Box

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18x12x12 Cloth Box

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21x12x9 Cloth Box

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21x17x14 Cloth Box

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23 x 14 x 12 Perfume Box

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24x10x3 Cloth Box

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Selling Medicines? Can’t do it without a Nice Medicine Box!

When it comes to medicines, an ordinary buyer will not really know much about the chemicals inside the medicines or the effects that the medicine will have on the user. Moreover, for someone who’s buying a medicine for the first time, the thing the buyer is most concerned about are medicine’s side effects.

For any medicine, it is important to earn the buyer’s confidence by being extremely transparent and honest about its contents, effects and side effects. And for that, you will need the right kind of packing boxes for your medicine.


RoshPack has been in this industry for a long time

We at RoshPack fully understand all the responsibilities that come with the task of packaging medicines. And, you’d be pleased to know that we’ve been doing this work for a long time and with complete success.


Personal care products require a good looking packaging

Today’s companies spend millions trying to build a strong personality for their brands and products. And, for a brand or product to maximize its reach, this personality should be seen in all of its aspects.

For example, when you look at a brand like Coca-Cola, you’ll notice their personality (theme colors, font, communication style, theme music, etc.) can be seen in whatever way they try to reach consumers. From social media posts and newspaper adverts to TV commercials, everything has that same personality.

Now imagine Coca-Cola using a plain, cylindrical bottle with a white sticker on it and the words “Coca-Cola” printed on this sticker in an ordinary, black font. Do you feel just how big of a disconnect it would be?


From Medicine Packing Boxes to Personal Care Products Packaging, RoshPack does it all!

Our design experts at RoshPack know just how important brand personality is today and they are more than capable of designing the most suitable and attractive packaging for your company’s personal care products including medicines etc.

With RoshPack, you’ll never have to worry whether your products’ packaging carries the brand personality or not because our designers are the best in the industry when it comes to designing a coherent product packaging.