House Moving Items

Cargo Box 20x20x22"

PKR 275.00

Ration Box 16x10x9"

PKR 83.00

When it comes to relocation, there are countless relocation companies in the market and every single one of them claims to provide the best quality of house shifting services.

What these companies take advantage of is the fact that when a new customer approaches them, because the person doesn’t know much about their quality, they can make any kind of claim they want.

Moreover, as almost nobody cares to record and post videos of the company helping them move, it’s almost impossible for the average person to ascertain the quality of services of the relocation company they are about to hire.

Truth be told, no matter how “great” or expensive a relocation company might be, there are a few mishaps and accidents in every move and, that means there is some risk involved in every move.


Looking for Risk-Free House Shifting? You’ll need Quality Packaging

Quality packaging is the only thing standing between mediocre relocation companies and total chaos. So, if you love your fragile (and quite possibly, really expensive) belongings you need to pack your belongings with some quality packaging materials.

RoshPack has been making packaging materials for quite some time now and our experience and feedback from our clients has enabled us to make our products even better. From cargo boxes and flat sheets to edge protectors, corrugated cartons and custom boxes, we provide all kinds of quality packaging that will enable you to move to your new house without any worries (or damages).