Medicine Box 37x28x14"

Medicine Box 37x28x14"

PKR 223.94
Inclusive of Tax
Product Code: 2410
Weight 1.000 kg
Stock 100000

Size: 37x28x14"

This medicine box is specially designed for the pharmaceutical industry, so that the medicines and pills can be easily stored and shipped. These boxes are easy to pack and unpack. This one big box is capable of carrying small items inside to transport it all at the same time. The weight of the box is 1 Kg. However, delivery cost is according to the box weight including the medicines inside.

Easy to ship, store and handle boxes for the Pharmaceutical industry.

  • Easy to load/unload.
  • Protects irregular loads.
  • Consolidate several small shipments.
Disclaimer: Delivery Cost will be charged according to Volumetric Weight while exact weight of product may Vary slightly

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