New Arrivals

17 x 10 x 23 Tobacco Box

PKR 56.00

17x22x35 Spare Parts Box

PKR 204.70

New Arrivals in Custom Boxes

RoshPack offers a wide range of Custom Boxes for the shipment of everyday products. We offer different styles of corrugated and carton boxes to store and ship your products safely. Whether you want to transport fruits, medicines or other eCommerce products, we have a custom box ready for all those needs. The dimensions and sizes of the boxes will vary according to the product being packed and delivered.

Why Choose Our Custom Boxes?

The custom boxes we develop are perfectly designed to represent and deliver your product safely. We have also designed a Ramzan Box which you can use to put all your grocery packets in one place. This box can easily be shipped, stored and transported across.

The material and quality of these boxes is durable to transport any fragile material without any scratch. The weight of each box varies according to its size and dimensions. However, the delivery charges depends on the final box weight inclusive of the material and products packed inside.